Mpg analysis of CHEVROLET Equinox 3.4 i V6 FWD 185 HP

Type: Off Road
Fuel type: Petrol
Traction: Front

Combined users MPG

City MPG


Highway MPG


Combined MPG


City autonomy: 0.0 Miles, highway:0.0 Miles

Advertised mpg   ( Do you have other info?)

City MPG: 18.5
Highway MPG: 21.6
Combined MPG: 27.4

Analytics and results based on advertised MPG (member submitted official information)

Equinox 3.4 i V6 FWD has city autonomy of 500 Miles and extra-urban/motorway autonomy of 600 Miles with one full tank( 16.6 gallons )

Fuel price: 5.9 $ (the calculations done below are based on this price)*
The mpg type displayed: urban | See the table below for the mpg: City MPG Highway MPG Combined MPG

Miles/year Gallons used Amount spent (fuel price 5.9)
5000 270.3 1594.6 $
10000 540.5 3189.2 $
15000 810.8 4783.8 $
20000 1081.1 6378.4 $
25000 1351.4 7973 $

* To change the fuel price, just add at the end of the adress bar &prc=your price (Example for 3 $ add this line at the end of the adress: &prc=3 )

What's your MPG for CHEVROLET Equinox 3.4 i V6 FWD 185 HP ?

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Some models that are not present on the USA markets are extracted from our international database of mpg's.

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